We promise we didn’t name our Valentine’s Day beer HOT SEX ON A PLATTER just to see some customers squirm when they ordered it. Mostly. But when we hired our first beer tender Janet, one of the terms of her employment was that we make a big, chocolate-covered strawberry imperial stout for her.  With both Doc Jones and MHP being big fans of A Tribe Called Quest, the nomenclature was self-evident, as they say.  We had to push it along.

A 7.1% ABV Imperial stout with a luscious, silky mouthfeel, abundant chocolate, and sensuous strawberry for days, HOT SEX ON A PLATTER is the kind of beer you can only brew once a year.  Save all the sad songs, and the tear-jerkers.  Brewers – step back, it’s the lyrical worker! Buy a 4 pack or 2, fill up the bubble bath, cue up the Barry White, dim the lights, light the candles, and celebrate America’s favorite Hallmark holiday with some HOT SEX ON A PLATTER!

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