A long time ago, on an island far, far away, Mrs. and Mr. HP (us) were wed. There was rum punch. It was Barbados. Almost 20 years later, the flavors of that Barbados rum punch still swirled around in my mind.  Each island we visited had it’s own spin on rum punch, but we liked Barbados the best.  A mix of passionfruit and a local orange closer to a tangerine, with oakey dark rum and fresh-grated nutmeg on top, it was simple yet otherworldly in its uniqueness.

I tried to recreate it when we returned to NH with packaged juices and grocery store nutmeg, but at best I got a pale facsimile of a memory.  The supermarkets lacked the ingredients I needed to even get close, and in those early internet days specialty ingredients couldn’t be found on Amazon.

As soon as we saw the popularity of our sour program, starting with FOOLISH LOVERS’ GAME (anyone remember that beer?), we realized that we needed to apply the same unconventional approach to developing sour beers as we had done with our other brews, and THRONE OF GOLD Sour Ale was born.  Inspired not only by memories of an almost perfect time in an almost perfect place, but also by the smooth rhythms and rhymes of the first reggae album I ever fell in live with, back in high school – EARTH CRISIS by Steel Pulse. Cut three on the A-side is a simple raggamuffin love song called THRONE OF GOLD.  The message is simple, and holds true almost 40 years later – “dreams of sunshine got my head spinnin’ around. Don’t you know love grows, can never be a one night stand. I’m her knight in shining armor, joy and laughter here on after. Mother Nature, Father Time, together said she was mine. Never been no love like this, since Sheba and Solomon.  That’s why I’m sittin’ on a throne of gold.”

Cheers! MHP

Co-founder Lithermans Limited

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