And now for something completely different! We brewed this beer as a tribute to the origins of chocolate. Long before the 1500’s and 1600’s when  chocolate became the must-have beverage in the courts and palaces of Europe, it was was an essential part of Mayan and Aztec rituals. Infused with chilis, vanilla, and other natural spices, it was consumed with reverence (and without sweeteners) only on special occasions.  It was so sacred a beverage, the elite were often buried with large spouted vessels, in order to enjoy hot chocolate in the afterlife.

It is in this spirit that we bring you BUSCANDO CELEBRACION!  An imperial stout with subtle additions of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and several types of hot pepper, As we were conceptualizing this beer, our newest production-team member A.J. suggested we give a nod to the house band in the movie ‘Dusk Til Dawn,’ and being big Tarantino fans, BUSCANDO CELEBRACION was born.

This beer will be available in 4 packs of 16 oz cans at the brewery and at finer package outlets across New Hampshire, and we might even sneak some kegs out to our bar and restaurant friends. At 7.1% ABV, please enjoy in moderation, perhaps cellar a can or two for next winter, and remember the colorful history that brought us BUSCANDO CELEBRACION.  Cheers!

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