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      Flights, Pints, Howlers & Growlers

    • Misguided Angel NE IPA

      7.5% abv

      This beer is the result of Doc Jones getting in touch with his inner Angry Smurf (hey!) A true New England IPA, loaded with 4 pounds of dry-hops per barrel. Don't get mad, child. Might be me, might be my friends. I might need an alibi, it all depends.

    • Ground Control Stout

      Cold-Brewed Coffee Stout

    • Lil Peach of My Heart

      6% abv

      Didn't I make you feel like you had the only brew? Didn't I give you everything that a brewer could possibly do?
      A Sour Blond Ale brewed with peaches from Dave. (Dave's not here right now) You gotta take another little piece, baby!

    • Quadracalabasia

      10.5% abv

      WHO wants this beer? YOU want this beer. A big Belgian-inspired Quad, loaded with graham crackers and Concord-grown pumpkins. No spice. Jimmy doesn't like spice.

    • Lighten Up IPA


      Session IPA

    • Cherry Bomb

      4.8% abv

      Berliner Weiss with organic cherries

    • Cosmic Bakers

      6.2% abv

      Fruit Cake inspired Sour Ale