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      Cans to-go

    • Bow Wow Yippie Yo IPA

      6.9% abv

      We decided our IPA should be a good old-school dog, not a new dog needing to be taught old tricks. Chinook is the state dog of NH, and this classic American IPA is all about the Chinook. Off-dry, never harsh, but it will bite. Meow less, bark more. Bowwow Yippie Yo IPA, Lithermans in the mother-brewin house.


    • Misguided Angel NE IPA

      7.5% abv

      This beer is the result of Doc Jones getting in touch with his inner Angry Smurf (hey!) A true New England IPA, loaded with 4 pounds of dry-hops per barrel. Don't get mad, child. Might be me, might be my friends. I might need an alibi, it all depends.

    • Simply Red Ale

      9% abv

      It's not what you think. Whatever you think. But it is what you want.

      Big, chewy, malty, slightly sweet, juicy with Pacific Northwest hop flavor and aroma, tempered with moderate smooth bitterness.

      If you don't know us by now.... Well, now you do. This is who we are. We made this for us. And for you. Cheers!

    • Milli Banilli Porter

      5.9% abv

      Banana Vanilla Porter - Baby, you won't want to forget THIS number. 5.9%, silky smooth, it will set your CD to skipping. skipping. skipping. skipping. Blame it on the rain, just get some.

    • DePeach a la Mode

      Peach Hefeweizen with Lactose

    • Kashmir

      9.5% abv

      Belgian Trippel with Saffron and Bee Pollen

    • Roxanne Roxanne IPA

    • In the Studio

      Coming Soon

    • Quadracalabasia

      10.5% abv

      WHO wants this beer? YOU want this beer. A big Belgian-inspired Quad, loaded with graham crackers and Concord-grown pumpkins. No spice. Jimmy doesn't like spice.

    • Oranges by the Freeway

      7.5% abv

      Orange IPA

    • Cherry Bomb

      4.8% abv

      Berliner Weiss with organic cherries

    • Under my Plum Sour Ale

      A generous helping of luscious plums gives this beer a delicious dark depth of stone fruit flavor, painted in beautiful watercolors over our sour Berliner Weiss base. A beer who has just changed its ways. Ain't it the truth, babe?

    • Red Solo Beer - Black Friday brewery only release

      Barrel ages Imperial Red

    • Obvious Child - Black Friday brewery only release

      Bretted Kettle Sour

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